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Your first step to becoming a pilot starts here.

Whether you want to start a new career or fulfill a long-time goal of yours to fly, we’re here for you.

Call us at (661) 703-1266, or fill out the form below this page.

   You’ve probably been thinking of taking flying lessons for a long time. Well, there’s never been a better time to get started. Whether you just want to fly for fun, or want to advance and become a professional pilot someday, your first step is to earn the Private Pilot Certificate.

Serving you out of three locations:

Meadows Field Airport

1949 Airport Dr, Bakersfield, CA 93308

Redding Municipal Airport

6751 Woodrum Cir, Redding, CA 96002

Benton Field

777 Cypress Ave. Redding, CA 96001

Here’s how you can get started:

1. Call (661) 703-1266.

Talk to Soni Ruiz, flight school owner, or one of the flight instructors.

They’ll give you the lowdown on flight training, timeframes, costs, scheduling details, the works.

Have questions? Ask away.

Though flight training does not require super-human powers, it can be complex at times. The team at MHz Sky Hub will give you all the info you need to enter flight training confidently and with a good game plan.

2. Schedule Your First Lesson.

You’ll never know if flying is truly for you unless you give it a try.

Megahertz Flight Training Discovery Flight is a 30-minute lesson where you take the controls and fly under the careful supervision of an FAA Certified Flight Instructor.

During this lesson you’ll do a thorough preflight inspection of the aircraft, perform the necessary procedures from a checklist, and even monitor the controls during takeoff and landing.

This first lesson is provided at a discounted rate of just $149.

3. Be Prepared To Get Hooked.

Becoming a pilot is truly a life-changing event. Unlike many other recreational activities or career training you may have experienced, flying takes a hold of you, teaches you so much more than just how to manipulate the controls, and opens up an entirely new world of travel and adventure where you’ll see new things and meet some of the nicest people ever.

A little bit about our star Flight Instructor

Bill Woodbury

Bill Woodbury

Flight Instructor

Bill is a professional and very experienced flight instructor that has 7,000+ hours flight training.

He managed flying schools and was the President of the Bakersfield Flying Club, CFII, MEI.

Helping individuals become pilots brings Bill a great satisfaction and pride.

Call us at (661) 703-1266, email us at avionics@meg-av.com or fill out the form below to schedule a free tour or ask us a question about our Flight Training Program: